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More than 600 companies are registered including foreign capital companies, Japanese companies expanding into overseas and growing companies.

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Don’t you have these problems when employing foreigners?

  • Cannot gather the correct parameters for applicants

    When you are searching for the native speaker of the local language, it takes more time and work to gather all the parameters comparing to a Japanese applicant. Necessary level of searching to “reach” a talented professional is even more difficult.

  • It takes too much time for the employment process

    The biggest problem of interviewing a foreign candidate is the “level of Japanese”. Even though the applicant seems to have an adequate level of Japanese on their CV, they end up not actually having enough during the interviews thus wasting both their own and your companies time.

  • It is riskier to employ a foreigner comparing to a Japanese

    The price of the supervisor is often higher than usual because of the cost of travel and lodging. It is also not uncommon for companies to rush their decision to hire an applicant because of the flight schedules of the applicants etc.

You can start online right now with JIKOPY

  • 1. You can always contact the talented professionals inside or outside of Japan

    You can directly contact applicants all around the world free of charge while you are still in Japan. Since all the process from scouting to employing into company can be completed online you will be reducing much of the cost that you usually have to pay.

  • 2. “Video Screening” through an introduction video

    You can check the candidates Japanese levels through their introduction videos. You can understand “what kind of people” your candidates are even before scouting thus reducing the unefficiency during your selection process.

    Click here for the sample video

  • 3. You can reach out to talented professionals with zero risk

    Our supervisors will be completely supporting you from drawing up the job requirements to adjusting the interviews with the applicants. We have a “free of charge until succesful adoption of employee system”.

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Job Searching Company (Company A) Introduction Company (Company B) JIKOPY LOGO
Employment Parameters Registered User Data Registered User Data &Individual Applicant Attraction via Social Media
Time Takes too much time Takes less time Complete Support From Scouting to Informal Acception
Cost ¥1000K〜 ※Excluding Optional Service ¥1000K〜¥2500K ※At least 30% of the Annual Income
Admission fee free

Limitless job offer publications, selection of publication period and number of applicants are all free ¥0.

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Types of occupation for employment in JIKOPY

Japan/Overseas Business Staff

Japan/Overseas Business Staff, Private/Corporate Business Staff, Inbound Business Staff, Bilingual Business Staff etc.

IT, Engineer

Web Engineer, Bridge SE, Project Manager, Embedded Software Engineer, Web Designer etc.

Translation, Back Office

Interpreter/Translator, Customer Support, Writer, Trade, Human Resources, Assistant, Reception, General Affairs, Language Teacher etc.

Restaurant/Hotel Staff

Hotel Front Office/Back Office Staff, Sommelier, Cabin Attendant, Inbound Department Staff, Store Manager etc.

Overseas Student Interns

Business Assistant, Engineer, Project Planner, Overseas Sales Intern, Designer etc.

Languages We Offer

English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Hindi, Thai, Indonesian, Arabic, Spanish, Tagalog, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian etc. ※Most of our professionals are fluent in English (TOEIC 800 or higher)

Q. How much does it cost to see job applicant profiles?

A. It doesn’t cost any money at all.

Q. What can I do after registering an account?

A. From receiving applicants to screening, you can follow every step of the selection process. You can also use your company management page for watching the self-promotion videos of registered users, viewing their CV’s and employment histories), scout candidates and publish job offers.

Q. What type of overseas professionals can I employ?

A. We offer a variety of applicants of new and recent graduates from Japanese or overseas universities or people changing careers; mainly but not exclusively from Asian countries such as Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, China, India etc. We have over 20.000 registered applicants.

Q. What is the applicants level of Japanese?

A. Nearly 60% of the applicants can speak conversational level and 30% can speak business level or higher. When you scout or receive an application you can watch the applicants self-promotion video. When you watch the video you can measure the applicants Japanese level for yourself too.

Q. What are the conditions of repayment?

A. If the informally notified applicant withdraws their application we repay the full sum of the contingency fee. If the applicant leaves the job within 30 days of employment we repay the 50% of the contingency fee. For your other inquires regarding our fees please click here.

Q. Can I use JIKOPY for purpose of applicant introduction or as an agent?

A. It is possible. Please click here for detailed information.

From the businesses actively employing foreigners

Vantage IT Co., Ltd. Representative Director  Mr. Kodama

“I think our foreign employees are very talented and enthusiastic about their work”

Vantage IT Co., Ltd. Representative Director Mr. Kodama

TRANSIT GENERAL OFFICE INC. Operations Department  Ms. Fujisaki

“Our foreign employees attitude of doing their best contributes greatly to grow our store”

TRANSIT GENERAL OFFICE INC. Operations Department Ms. Fujisaki

INDETAIL INC. Human Resources Specialist  Ms. Izumi

“Since we wanted to employ people who has a desire to grow, we preferred foreign employees in most cases”

INDETAIL INC. Human Resources Specialist Ms. Izumi

Limitless job offer publications, selection of publication period and number of applicants. Initial costs starting from ¥0.

Free account registration For other inquiries

*Our supervisor will be replying to your inquiries within two work days.